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DH Springs:
Designed for use on dampers over 65mm of travel. (Can be used on “enduro” shocks if eye to eye measurement is longer, ex. 205,230)

225lb 322g
250lb 338g
275lb 278g
300lb 309.7g
325lb 347.8g
350lb 322.2g
375lb 347.6g
400lb 387.4g
425lb 373.7g
450lb 400.9g
475lb 392.2g
500lb 433.0g
550lb 542g

Enduro Springs:
Designed for use on dampers with 65mm or less stroke.
350lb 327g
375lb 355.4g
400lb 338.9g
425lb 366.8g
450lb 351.1g
475lb 334.3g
500lb 318.3g
550lb 343.0g
600lb 372.8g 650lb 460g 700lb 505g

Black. If a colored spring would improve performance and make someone faster, we would make colors. No color makes you faster.
We feel FAST is better.

Email us! We need to know how much you weigh, what bike you are riding, and what shock you are running. We also need to know the eye to eye and stroke measurement of your shock. Some 205 and 230 eye to eye shocks can also use DH springs. We will soon have a spring calculator on our site to help with calculations.

No. Using a spring that will accommodate the shock stroke is most important. As is running proper amount of preload. We believe 1mm of preload is optimal for initial comfort and overall support.

We will entertain inquiries. Please email your resume to info@superalloyracing.com.