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    Welcome to the world of precision and performance – introducing Super Alloy Racing springs. Crafted at the intersection of cutting-edge engineering and unwavering passion for suspension, our springs elevate the quality and characteristics of your ride. With dedication and commitment to excellence, each Super Alloy Racing spring embodies advanced alloy compositions with meticulous craftsmanship. SAR springs were the first mountain bike coil spring on the market designed to fit all make and model dampers, while maintaining a tolerance never seen in the industry. In 2023 Super Alloy Racing was acquired by Fluid Focus, LLC who is dedicated to carrying on excellence of SAR which was built by Dave and Mirka Garland, and continue to provide the best customer service in the industry.
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Innovative springs that fit all makes and model shocks.

Our springs are as light as titanium delivering accuracy rates within 2%-3% depending on spring rate, a solid state better than any other spring on the market.

Enduro Light Metric Compatible 65mm stroke

With the explosion of Enduro racing and many riders opting to run coil dampers, SAR launches its new Super LightWeight Enduro spring. At just 105mm-115mm in length with stroke capability up to 65mm, this new spring will provide the Enduro racer with an answer to keeping weight at a minimum, and the same accuracy as its 140mm big brother, at the same time addressing the industry push towards metric sizing.

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    Free shipping with purchase of spring or spring/spacer combo in the USA and most International locations

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Super Alloy Racing partners with Eibach

Super Alloy Racing partners with Eibach

Super Alloy Racing partners with Eibach, the number one spring manufacturer in the world, with a new range...
Cairns World Championships 2017

Cairns World Championships 2017

So many pictures, and so much emotion. Thank you so much for all the teams who rode our springs this year...
SAR Spring rates for mid-late 2021 updated

SAR Spring rates for mid-late 2021 updated

All springs are current and the “oldest” spring we have in stock was made in December 2019..


DH Springs:
Designed for use on dampers over 65mm of travel. (Can be used on “enduro” shocks if eye to eye measurement is longer, ex. 205,230)

225lb 322g
250lb 338g
275lb 278g
300lb 309.7g
325lb 347.8g
350lb 322.2g
375lb 347.6g
400lb 387.4g
425lb 373.7g
450lb 400.9g
475lb 392.2g
500lb 506g
550lb 542g

Enduro Springs:
Designed for use on dampers with 65mm or less stroke.
350lb 327g
375lb 355.4g
400lb 338.9g
425lb 366.8g
450lb 351.1g
475lb 334.3g
500lb 318.3g
550lb 343.0g
600lb 372.8g 650lb 460g 700lb 505g

Black. If a colored spring would improve performance and make someone faster, we would make colors. No color makes you faster.
We feel FAST is better.

Email us! We need to know how much you weigh, what bike you are riding, and what shock you are running. We also need to know the eye to eye and stroke measurement of your shock. Some 205 and 230 eye to eye shocks can also use DH springs. We will soon have a spring calculator on our site to help with calculations.

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