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About Super Alloy Racing

Welcome to the world of precision and performance – introducing Super Alloy Racing springs. Crafted at the intersection of cutting-edge engineering and unwavering passion for suspension, our springs elevate the quality and characteristics of your ride. With dedication and commitment to excellence, each Super Alloy Racing spring embodies advanced alloy compositions with meticulous craftsmanship. SAR springs were the first mountain bike coil spring on the market designed to fit all make and model dampers, while maintaining a tolerance never seen in the industry. In 2023 Super Alloy Racing was acquired by Fluid Focus, LLC who is dedicated to carrying on excellence of SAR which was built by Dave and Mirka Garland, and continue to provide the best customer service in the industry. Whether you seek competition or the casual trail ride, Super Alloy Racing springs are designed to provide control, responsiveness, and be one more tool in your arsenal on the quest for the perfect suspension set up.

Eibach/SAR collaboration:

With over 65 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Eibach is the leader in automotive and industrial springs. Eibach have used the same design techniques and high tensile materials more commonly found on their high-end motorsport applications for our MTB springs. Our springs have a KTL coating which is only 10 microns thick for maximum weight saving. With the finest steel developed specifically for Eibach, they can produce the most consistent springs in the world. All our Eibach manufactured Super Alloy Racing Enduro and Downhill springs can be fully compressed and still return to their original free length, meaning riders and mechanics do not need to worry about over stressing and permanently damaging the springs. The new Generation 3 SAR springs are lighter, better and will enable you to ride faster than before.