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SAR Downhill Coil Spring

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All springs include Dyno graph

25lb increment change enables the rider to include the spring a part of their tuning package 

Downhill springs are for stocks with stroke over 65mm travel. They will work for most enduro shocks with eye to eye of 230mm. Please contact us with any questions.

SAR DH Light 225
SAR DH Light 250
SAR DH Light 275
SAR DH Light 300
SAR DH Light 325
SAR DH Light 350
SAR DH Light 375
SAR DH Light 400
SAR DH Light 425
SAR DH Light 450
SAR DH Light 475
SAR DH Light 500
SAR DH Light 550


The springs have a KTL coating

The Spring material is silicone chrome vanadium

Please choose the correct POM spacer for your application.

New Zealand orders please contact CJ Suspension    https://cjsuspension.co.nz/collections/super-alloy-racing

Germany orders please contact MRC Trading                                            https://www.mrc-trading.de/Marken/SAR-Super-Alloy-Racing/

Super Alloy Racing Springs are availible in 25lb increments and dyno tested. All springs are shipped with a dyno graph for proof of accuracy. Super Alloy Racing springs help to maximise suspension performance as well as reducing weight and increasing traction and sensitivity.

Manufactured by Eibach to our Specifications

DH spring stroke length: Designed for shocks with over 65mm of stroke

Enduro spring stroke length: Designed for shocks with less than 65mm

Material: Silicone Chrome Vanadium steel

POM Spacers are required to fit your shock and are sold separately.

The Super Alloy Racing POM Spacer system allows your SAR spring to fit any shock on the market. In addition to universal compatibility, these adapters reduce spring bind-up and reduce weight by enabling the use of the shortest possible spring.

POM (polyoxymethylene) is a CNC grade polymer, allowing machining to precision tolerances whilst also preventing spring binding during use.