SAR Spring rates for late 2017 updated to include metric rates

As everyone is aware (or perhaps not) we are moving from the Generation 2 spring (non-metric) to the Generation 3 springs which are metric compliant. All springs are current and the “oldest” spring we have in stock was made in June 2017.
For the ENDURO line, the lengths of the springs vary between 105mm-115mm depending on rate as the diameter of the wire determines what length a spring needs to be in order to actually perform the declared rate. All SAR springs are tested for accuracy, linear capability and are race proven year after year.

DH 140mm Weight
225lb 322g
250lb 338g
275lb 278g
300lb 316g
325lb 300g
350lb 326g
375lb 360g
400lb 394g
425lb sold out (generation 3 available Nov 1st, 2017)
450lb 407g
475lb 468g
500lb 370.9g (new generation 3)

ENDURO 105mm 350lb 272g 63mm stroke
*****all other ENDURO Light are now the new generation 3 metric springs

GENERATION 3 METRIC ENDURO 65mm stroke capability
****springs range in length from 105mm-115mm all current POM spacers still compatible
350lb (generation 3 available Nov 1st, 2017)
375lb (generation 3 available Nov 1st, 2017)
400lb 338.9g
425lb 366.8g
450lb 351.1g
475lb 334.3g
500lb 318.3g
550lb 343.0g
600lb 372.8g

Mirka Garland

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